And then there were 3, as 2 more celebrities fall at the final hurdle

 And then there were 3, as 2 more celebrities fall at the final hurdle

The third season of Celebrity Big Brother has it’s final 3 houseguests who will compete live on Finale night for the all important final HoH who will then choose who to take with them to the final two.

We kicked off with the penultimate veto comp of the season which was titled “Celebrity Luge”. Each round, the houseguests had to take it in turns to trying to get closer to the target than their opponent. In each round, the person who was furthest away from the target was eliminated until there was only one left standing as winner of the veto.

Random draw saw Miesha face Cynthia in the first round with the latter being eliminated. Miesha then chose Todrick and Todd to go head to head. Todd won, eliminating Toddrick from the all important PoV. Next round, Miesha had to face Lamar to decide who would face Todd in the final round. Miesha narrowly beat Lamar to take on Todd in the final round. In the final round, Todd pulled out all the stops to take home the win and he won the Power of Veto.

At the live veto meeting, Todd used the PoV to remove himself from the block, forcing Toddrick to nominate Cynthia in his place.

In the live vote, Todd vote to evict Cynthia, whilst Miesha voted to evict Lamar, leaving reigning HoH Toddrick to break the tie. Ultimately, he chose to send Lamar out the front door as the first evictee of the night.

Speaking to Julie, Lamar revealed that he was mentally ready to leave.

Following the surprise announcement of the double eviction, the houseguest made their way to the backyard to compete in the penultimate HoH of the season. In rounds, they were shown various movie posters and then listened to recordings of people discussing the movies to allow them to deduce the correct movie they were describing.

Ultimately, Miesha went the distance winning Head of Household for the third time this season. She predictably chose to nominate Cynthia and Todd for eviction. In the final veto of the season, the houseguest competed in “Frozen in Time”. Houseguest took it in turns to answer questions with a number by rolling a ball down a tilting ramp to get it as close to the answer as possible. At the end of 9 rounds, there was a tie between Miesha and Todrick. To break the tie, Julie asked “In seconds, how long was the first HOH competition from the official start until Miesha won?” Miesha answered 1122 seconds, whilst Todrick answered 1750 seconds. The correct answer was 999 seconds, handing Miesha the final PoV of the season and ultimate power over the second eviction.

Unsurprisingly, she chose to keep the nominations the same, and in the second vote of the evening. Toddrick cast the sole vote to evict Todd.

Speaking to Julie upon his eviction, he revealed he felt betrayed but ultimately understood they had to evict him.

Who will become the final HoH and who will win the $250,000 cash prize? Tune in on Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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