It’s eviction time – was it Carson or Cynthia who got the boot?

 It’s eviction time – was it Carson or Cynthia who got the boot?

Celebrity Big Brother continued on CBS last night in an extended 2 hour episode which saw a live POV competition and eviction take place.

On the block at the start of the episode following Miesha’s nomination ceremony were Carson and Cynthia.

Before the Power of Veto competition took place, it was revealed that Chris Kattan had decided that he wanted to “go back home” as he wasn’t feeling very well.

Miesha later gathered the houseguests in the living room to officially announce that he had left the game. Kattan then spoke to the house in a pre-recorded video message where he talked about his housemates knowing how tough it has been for him and that they’d all had an impact on his life. He went on to saying something nice to each houseguest personally and wished them luck for the competition.

For this weeks Power of Veto competition (“Reindeer Riders”), the players were mounted to a mechanical reindeer. They had to rock the reindeer back and forth 20 times to add time to their clocks. Once they had reached 20, they then had to dismount from their reindeer and stack snowflakes.

As their clocks counted down, they then had to remount their reindeer to increase the clock once more. The player at the end of the competition with the most snowflakes stacked would win the golden Power of Veto.

With a stack of 22 snowflakes, Shanna won the veto. Later, during the Veto meeting, she confirmed that she was using the veto and removed Carson from the chopping block.

As a result Miesha then had to name a replacement nominee.

Miesha decided against taking Todd up on his offer to go on the block as a pawn and instead decided to nominate Chris Kirkpatrick.

During the live eviction vote, the house unanimously voted for Kirkpatrick to leave the house, resulting in him becoming the second celebrity houseguest to be evicted.

During his exit interview with Julie he said that he was surprised that Shanna didn’t vote for him to stay, but understood as she had to do what she had to do to keep her place in the house.

The end of the episode saw the houseguests competing in the next Head of Household competition – this week an endurance competition called “Angry Glam Squad”.

The remaining eligible players had to see who could last longest whilst hanging from their set chair on a wall.

Who will win the competition and become the next Head of Household? Find out Sunday on CBS.

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