It’s eviction time! Was it Miesha or Todd evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

 It’s eviction time! Was it Miesha or Todd evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Hot on the heels of Carson winning the latest Head of Household competition and nominating Miesha and Todd for eviction, it was time for this weeks LIVE Power of Veto competition and eviction.

Ahead of the Veto competition, Carson was still saying that he was ‘Trusting his gut’ in that his plan to ultimately backdoor Shanna this week would still be his best bet.

This weeks live Veto competition was called “Sweeter than Veto”. The players had to race to finish a large puzzle which was in a wooden box. The first houseguest to complete the puzzle would win the golden power of veto.

Moving at rapid pace, Todrick assembled all his puzzle pieces the fastest and won the competition which left Shanna devastated, with it very apparent by the look on her face.

At the Veto meeting, Todrick used his power to remove Todd from the chopping block – this was an unexpected move as it left his friend Miesha on the block.

Carson, as Head of Household then had to name a replacement nominee. He went for Shanna whilst saying that “this is still not easy”.

It was then time for the house to cast their votes and by a vote of 4-0 Shanna was evicted unanimously.

Whilst speaking to Julie, she made it clear that she would never have been able to backdoor either Carson or Cynthia, but she also felt that it was clear that they were seeking to send her home today.

When asked about playing both sides of the house, Shanna said that it was difficult because half the house didn’t know how to play the Big Brother game and that Carson was in multiple alliances without even knowing it.

Who will win the next Head of Household? Find out Wednesday on CBS.

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