New HoH names their nominees

 New HoH names their nominees

The dust had barely settled following Mirai’s eviction but it was soon time for the celebrities to compete to become the new HoH.

In this weeks comp, titled “Ski Strip”, houseguests took it in turn to sit on the Ski Lift and strip down to their bathing suit, meanwhile keeping 3 different buttons pressed.

Letting go of each button would increase time on the clock at different rates when not pressed. The celebrity to finish with the least amount of time on their clock would become the new HoH.

With just 5 mins and 50 seconds on her clock, Miesha once again took the HoH crown, much to the dismay or Carson, Cynthia and Shanna.

At the nomination ceremony, Miesha chose to place Carson and Cynthia on the block, as they aren’t aligned with her in the game.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save Carson or Cynthia? Plus another celebrity is sent packing – tune in to CBS tonight at 8/7c and stick with Big Blagger to the latest!

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