The first Celebrity houseguest has been sent packing in the first eviction of the season

 The first Celebrity houseguest has been sent packing in the first eviction of the season

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition has seen the first eviction of the season, with one houseguest sent home after just days in the house.

Following the nomination ceremony, which saw Mirai and Carson nominated for eviction, Miesha reaffirmed that Carson was indeed a pawn this week and that her true target for eviction was Mirai. Even though Carson believes he is safe from the threat of eviction, he still must try all he can to win the PoV to guarantee his survival in the game.

The first Power of Veto competition of the season is called “Schedule Snafu” and is played one by one by each of the six players.

In order to win, each play had to read some brain teasing messages from an assistant and memorise and decipher the order that they need to visit the store fronts of Aspen.

The player who completed the competition in the shortest time would win the PoV.

Coming in last place with a time of 30 minutes was Lamar, followed by Cynthia in 22:43 minutes, Mirai in 16:58 minutes, Todrick in 16:52 minutes, Miesha in 8:58 minutes and Carson in an impressive 3:54 minutes!

 By Carson winning the competition, he was guaranteed to stay this week, meaning that Mirai was staying put on the block.

At the Veto ceremony, Carson, as expected removed himself from the block. Miesha then replaced him with Teddi as the new nominee, meaning that Teddi and Mirai would face the first eviction of the season.

With this weeks nominees now locked in, it was time for both houseguests to get to work to try and secure votes to stay this week/

It was then time for Julie to address the houseguests to let them in on the curse of the Mon Won’s hat.

Julie asked Cynthia to remove the logo from the hat and flip it upside down which revealed the phrase “Nom Now”. Like the first time around, they had to pass the hat from person to person, but this time, the last person to receive the hat would remove either Mirai or Teddi from the block and REPLACE them on the block as one of the nominees.

The hat ultimately landed on Lamar last which meant that he would replace either Teddi or Mirai on the block. He removed Mirai from the block meaning that either himself or Teddi would be the first to go.

The houseguest then voted for the houseguest that they wanted to evict and by a vote of 5-3, Teddi became the first houseguest of the season to be evicted.

While talking to Julie, Teddi called Celebrity Big Brother ‘the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life, but also the most fun. You guys, I can’t believe how hard I laughed.’

Although it was more ‘cutthroat’ even than The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, she felt she had made lifelong friends on the program.

She said she was ‘so grateful for the relationships that I formed inside of that mauve room even if one of them ended up having to vote against me.’ 

Who will become the next Head of household of the season? Celebrity Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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