We have a winner! Who won Celebrity Big Brother?

 We have a winner! Who won Celebrity Big Brother?

After a month long battle, be finally have a new Celebrity Big Brother champion after Cynthia, Todrick and Miesha last night fought it our in the finale episode to take home the $250,000 grand prize.

Earlier in the show the houseguests participated in the final Head of Household competition of the season, called “Shout outs”. For the competition, the former seven houseguests had to give ‘shout outs’ in videos which the final 3 had to then answer questions about.

Miesha answered the most correctly and became the final HoH of the season. With all the power, Miesha had a massive decision to make – who would she be taking to final two?

After deliberating her decision, she went for her ride or die this season and decided to send Cynthia out the door, meaning that Todrick would sit alongside her in the final two.

One by one the jury later voted for their winner. As he self evicted, Chris Kattan didn’t get to vote.

By a vote of 7-1, Julie announced that it was MIESHA who had received the most votes and therefore the WINNER of Celebrity Big Brother 2022.

When it came to America’s Favourite Houseguest, Julie announced that the top three players were Lamar, Carson & Shanna.

The winner of AFH was Carson.


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