Who is the new HoH and who have they placed on the block?

 Who is the new HoH and who have they placed on the block?

Following another eviction, it was time to crown a new Head of Household.

For this comp, competing celebs had to identify a mystery ingredient using only their sense of taste.

The first drink contained raspberry, sauerkraut, and lemongrass. The missing ingredient was ginger beer, which only Todd identified correctly.

The second drink contained root beer, clam juice, onion and chili oil. The missing ingredient was BBQ sauce which Todd and Miesha identified correctly.

The third drink contained lime, pinto bean, spinach and anchovies. The missing ingredient was rosemary which Todd and Lamar identified correctly.

The fourth drink contained grapefruit, potato, oat milk, sage and vegan fish sauce. The missing ingredient was chocolate which Todd and Cynthia identified correctly.

The fifth and final drink contained tomato, raspberry, black liquorice and bologna. The missing ingredient was Garlic which everyone but Toddrick, who refused to even taste it, got correct.

With a perfect 5 out of 5, Todd became the new Head of Household. Carson and Cynthia weren’t best pleased, but Miesha spied an opportunity to target Carson without reneging on her deal.

At the nomination ceremony, Todd chose to nominate Carson and Lamar who are now facing eviction. But with the PoV still to play, this is Big Brother so expect the unexpected. Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Carson or Lamar? Plus – who will be sent packing? Tune in tomorrow at 8/9c on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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