Who won the POV and was it used to save either Carson or Lamar from eviction?

 Who won the POV and was it used to save either Carson or Lamar from eviction?

In the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother we saw Todd win his first competition of the season and becoming this weeks Head of Household.

Happy with the result were Miesha and Todrick who has last week made a deal with Cynthia and Carson to not nominate them this week if either of them won HoH – by Todd winning it now meant that this deal was pointless and they managed to convince Todd to nominate Carson for eviction alongside Lamar – without getting any blood on their hands.

For the LIVE Veto challenge, all remaining houseguests competed. They had to follow the path of a digital golden veto medallion as it moved around inside of identical objects.

The houseguest who won the most rounds by remembering the position would win the Veto.

After seven rounds, Miesha came out victorious and won the competition.

At the Veto meeting, Miesha followed through on her previous pledge to keep the nominations the same and decided not to use the power “out of respect” to the HoH.

Only two houseguests were voting to evict this week, Miesha, Cynthia & Toddrick. Miesha voted to evict Carson, Cynthia voted for Lamar and Todrick casted the final vote for Carson which resulted in Carson’s eviction from the game.

Whilst talking to Julie, Carson said that he was happy to have made so many friends in the house.

He said that Todricks bond with Miesha was too strong to get between.

Before the episode was out, Julie surprised the houseguests by playing special messages from home

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