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CBS reveals the Broadway themed Celebrity Big Brother 2019 house

Celebrity Big Brother is back in just a few days time and now CBS has officially showed us the new look house where the 12 celebrities will be living for the next month.

This year, the celebs will be shacking up in a Broadway-themed house. All throughout the house, you can see so many hints and nods to the New York theatre.

Don’t believe us? Then let’s take a look at the new look house!

Living room

The living room has had a makeover as you see satin velvet pillows in the nomination chairs and big Broadway-style couches. The best part is the nighttime New York skyline that can be seen just by sitting down and enjoying the view.


This has to be one of my favorite kitchens in the history of Big Brother US. The old style theme features a tiled floor and golden outlines on the countertops. Perfect for some nice slop meals for the celebrities, eh?

Dining Area

The dining area screams New York. (Where are you, Tiffany Pollard?!) You see velvet napkins, ‘menus’, and to top it off – a flower! But notice there are only 10 table places? Does this mean we’re getting a first-week double eviction? Stay tuned.

HOH Bedroom

The Head of Household bedroom has had a backstage dressing room feel with the “star” on the door along with the iconic red door. The black brick wall and red HoH robe give it the “Star” treatment and you’ll be feeling like a star once you sleep in this bedroom.

The Bedrooms

The house has three bedrooms downstairs inspired by the windows and displays of the retails stores on 5th Avenue, the famous skyscrapers of the 30s and 40s, and a luxury hotel that sparkles with gold leaf and marble. 

The bedroom has been dubbed “5th Ave. Bedroom” and resembles a New York hotel. The vanity has several drawers and laps for clothes, makeup, and maybe our celebs can sneak in a few snacks.


Before ever boarding the 20th Century Limited, passengers would wait in a cigar lounge and have their shoes polished. While there’s no smoking inside the Big Brother house, the communal bathroom shares inspiration with those classic lounges. The room even features a shoeshine bench for that authentic feel.

The Upstairs Lounge

The New York style lounge has some string lights and nice chairs to sit for chess. But this is also a place to have the game side chats and gameplay.


The lounge in the Celebrity Big Brother house is modeled after the 20th Century Limited, billed as the most famous train in the world.

Used during this time by the most elegant of passengers, the train inspired the phrase “the red-carpet treatment.”

Created with elegance and comfort in mind, details in the lounge include train-style windows and overhead racks, complete with passenger’•s luggage.

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