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Kandi finally makes her move as Tom wins critical HoH

With less than a week until the Celebrity Big Brother finale, Kandi Burruss finally flexed her muscles. And she’s using Tom’s HoH power to make her mark.

Thursday’s episode kicked off with the aftermath of Kato’s eviction. Tom says he is surprised but knows he needs to make allies or win the next Head of Household. Tamar is happy her HoH was a success but Kandi is already getting in Tom’s ear, saying Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo need to be out next. Kandi isn’t done yet as she gets Dina on board to make it three against three.

It is finally time for the Head of Household competition and Omarosa is back to host. The object of the game is the celebs are inside giant dice and go head to head to knock each other out of the game. Tom wins the first two rounds and Natalie wins the next two, leaving them to face off in the finals. Tom beats Natalie and wins the HoH.

Natalie Eva Marie playing the HOH Comp “Celebrity Tumbling Dice”

Kandi goes to work on Tom and everyone notices it. Dina even mentions that they need to get Kandi out after Tom. Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar are talking in the Twitter room and Lolo mentions that Kandi is now on Tom’s side but Tamar downplays it to protect her.

Tom decides to use his power to his advantage and see if he can get some insurance for next week. He tells Natalie he won’t put her up, Lolo to not use the veto, and Ricky to use the veto and send Natalie home. He’s covered, right?

We get some filler that is pretty pointless but very hilarious at the same time. Dina Lohan is being catfished. Don’t believe me? Watch the video:

At the nomination ceremony, Tom nominates Ricky and Natalie with Ricky as the target. Kandi gets exactly what she wanted her and now she’ll get to work to ensure Natalie talks to Julie on Friday night.

Who will be evicted? And which celebrity will follow? Find out LIVE Friday night at 8/7c for a special 2-hour double eviction episode. That’s right, two celebs will be walking out the door and talking to Julie Chen Moonves.

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