Kato Kaelin rocks his way to HoH win as paranoia sweeps over the house

 Kato Kaelin rocks his way to HoH win as paranoia sweeps over the house

There’s a new king of the castle in the Celebrity Big Brother house and in Sunday night’s show, the celebrities questioned their allies and even threatened to walk from the game.

Sunday’s episode picks up following Jonathan’s eviction and Ryan, Joey and Dina are stunned Jonathan from Mean Girls has gone. Natalie wants to know who voted for whom but that should be obvious since it was a 6-1 vote.

It was time for this week’s Head of Household competition. The celebrities must hang on (and rock on) at a “rock concert” while being pelted with beer, whipped cream, and “jello shots”. Tom and Kandi fall after nearly 25 minutes and Ricky is next out after 46 minutes.

Tamar is out next but not before some really over the top acting, saying she was having an anxiety attack and swung from the wall. It was pretty hilarious to watch though. Dina is out next after an impressive 1 hour and 13 minutes, which left Joey, Natalie, and Kato.

– Houseguests play HOH Comp “Rock Til You Drop.”

Kato tells Joey he’s safe if he drops but Dina yells to Joey to stay put. This doesn’t sit well with Kato and he remembers later on. Joey drops, leaving Natalie and Kato. Natalie drops and 59-year-old Kato Kaelin has won the wall HoH.

Ryan goes to Kato and tells him that he will be a good ally for him and Tom if he doesn’t get put up and to think it over. Meanwhile, Tamar thinks she is going to be up and she’s right. Kato nearly slips on some shrimp and is upset that she didn’t clean it up.

Tamar was at the center of the drama Sunday night.

File that under dumbest nominations reasons in the Big Brother history file.

Speaking of Tamar, she is upset with Natalie and Lolo for ‘not being honest’ and is calling them on it. Tamar accuses Lolo of lying about what was being discussed late at night with Dina and that’s when all hell breaks loose. What fans didn’t see on the show was the pair actually got in each other’s faces on the feeds. The feeds were off for nine hours on Saturday, so think about how much was not shown from that fight.

It got so bad that Tamar threatened to quit the game.

At the nomination ceremony, Kato nominates Dina and Tamar for eviction. His reasons were Dina rooting against him in the HoH and Tamar for not cleaning and her wanting to go home.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Dina or Tamar from eviction? Find out LIVE Monday night at 8/7c with the second eviction of the season with host Julie Chen Moonves.

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