Natalie Eva Marie and Tom Green evicted in wild double eviction night

 Natalie Eva Marie and Tom Green evicted in wild double eviction night

Two more celebrities bit the dust as former WWE wrestler Natalie Eve Marie and comedian Tom Green became the latest houseguests to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday night.

It was a jam-packed episode, so let’s not waste any time and get to what led to the first eviction. Tom won the Power of Veto but decided to not tell any of the houseguests what he’d do with it. At the veto meeting, he took Ricky off the block and replaced him with Lolo.

A tearful Natalie was then evicted by a 4-0 vote. Following her eviction, she spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves about her time in the house.

Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to Natalie Eva Marie

“You can’t really believe anything Tom says,” she said. “I had the opportunity to win and I should have won the veto.”

Julie asked her about choosing Ricky over Tom and Natalie answered she felt like Tom was not a team player.

“I didn’t feel comfortable,” she said. “If we were truly a team, he should have rocked with what decision I made. When I did use the veto, he showed his true colors.”

Julie announced before the HoH, a new “safety” competition will be played. The winner will be immune from the second eviction but will not be able to compete in the HoH competition. Basically, this was all a design to save Tom but it did not work as producers hoped. Tamar ended up winning and securing her spot in the finale.

Ross Matthews and Metta World Peace appear in “Cousins”

It was finally time for the HoH competition, which saw the celebs run into the house to count staged people that are hiding and disappearing from rooms. Lolo correctly guesses seven and is the new HoH. She quickly has to nominate and chooses to put Tom and Kandi on the block.

We then quickly get into the Power of Veto competition, which sees the return of Ross Mathews and Metta World Peace as they star in the fake sitcom “Cousins” and the houseguests have to remember what went down in the video. After seven rounds, it came down to Tamar and Ricky. Tamar came closest to the correct answer and won the PoV.

Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to Tom Green

At the live veto ceremony, she surprisingly decided to not use the PoV, ensuring Tom’s eviction. The second vote of the night saw Tom evicted 3-0 and join Julie for his interview after leaving the house.

“I felt like the odds were against me in the beginning,” he said. I had to fight for those competitions, I won HoH twice and two vetoes. That caused some drama in the house. When you have power, people get scared.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues Monday on CBS at 8/7c as the final five reminisce on their time in the house with special guests Mark McGrath and Season 1 winner Marissa Jaret Winokur.

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