Team Fun crumbles, Joey gets evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

 Team Fun crumbles, Joey gets evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Actor Joey Lawrence became the third celebrity to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2019 on Saturday night, losing out in the final vote to Real Housewife Kandi Burruss.

Before the eviction, we had to get through the Power of Veto competition. With the SuperBowl scheduled for Sunday, the PoV was a football-themed competition that saw the celebs spin around and kick inflated footballs. After all the rounds had been played, Natalie won the PoV.

The plan was for the veto to be used and Tom put Ricky up to backdoor him. However, Natalie and Lolo other plans. She did not use the veto, which caused chaos in the house. Lolo blows her top at both Kato and Tom. Well, sounds like “Team Fun” is officially dead as a doornail.

Host Julie Chen Moonves returns for the live vote and eviction. I was wondering where Tamar’s vote was going to go but in a surprising turn of events, Joey was evicted in a 6-0 vote.

Following his exit from the house, Joey talked with Julie about his time and admitted he not surprised.

“They judged me, Ryan, and Jonathan from day one,” he said. “We weren’t able to hang on but that’s just how it goes.”

Joey went on to say he had no regrets about doing the show and had a fun time, despite not knowing anything about the game.

“This has been an amazing ride,” he said. “I did not know what I was signing up for but my two daughters got to see me on TV, not a character.”

Who will be the next Head of Household? Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used? And who will be the next celebrity sent packing? Find out LIVE Monday night at 9/8c in the eviction show.

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