Tom wins PoV, Ryan evicted following 6-1 vote

 Tom wins PoV, Ryan evicted following 6-1 vote

Kato’s plan to backdoor Olympian Ryan Lochte seemed to be foolproof – but did he succeed?

Well for starters, if you’re going to discuss it – you might want to make sure that the concerned houseguest isn’t listening in on your every word!

Despite this apparent snag in proceedings, things started out well with the live Power of Veto competition.

The live competion was called “Worldwide Rollout” – one by one, the celebrity veto players took it in turns to roll their balls around the globe with the highest scorer being crowned the winner.

Tom was first up scoring 35 million. Dina went next but failed to score and was therefore eliminated. Kato scored only 15 million and failed to dethrone Tom. Natalie Eva Marie failed to score and was eliminated. Next up was Tamar who scored 35 million to tie with Tom. Finally, Joey failed to score and was therefore eliminated.

This meant it went to a tie break shoot out between Tom and Tamar. Tom went first scoring 70 million securing him the veto win after Tamar scored 45 million.

During the live veto ceremony, Tom decided to use the Veto on Dina meaning Kano had to choose a replacement. Kano proceeded with his backdoor plan by choosing to replace Dina with Ryan.

During the live vote and eviction, the majority eligible houseguest voted to evict Ryan, sending him home by a vote of 6-1, with Joey casting the sole vote to evict Tamar.

Speaking to Julie following his eviction, Ryan told her he think he messed up in the beginning and tried to form an alliance with the wrong players (Natalie and Lolo). He continued commenting that he thought he was targeted because he was the biggest threat. He also said he regretted not getting rid of Lolo when he had the opportunity. Asked if there was any hard feelings – Ryan stated that he knew it was a game and it would not effect his relationships outside of the house.

Who will win the next HoH competition, who will the American and public choose to give the special power and who will be sitting on the block next? – stick with Big Blagger for all the latest!

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