Jack has some power but will it go to his head?

 Jack has some power but will it go to his head?

Sunday’s Big Brother saw snakes in competition and snakes in the house but one houseguest won a very special power.

The show picks up following Jack’s HOH win and the visit to Camp Comeback. Jackson is pissed about David being back and David feels the same about Jackson. 

Ovi is still clueless think Jackson is his friend but lets viewers know that his power is still in play if he returns to the house. 

I’m going to skip over the Love Island promo because that’s just wrong.

This week’s Whacktivity Comp takes place and it involves snakes. The players must find a snake that matches the one in their cages and the player with the fastest time wins. Jack went through it in 49 seconds and won the competition.

His power is pretty lame as he will just do a re-draw for the veto. 

Elsewhere, the girls wanted to make girls alliance consisting of Bella, Jessica, Kemi, and Nicole. But Bella is not really on board, she runs to Jack and blames Jess for starting the group.

At the nomination ceremony, Jack nominated Jessica and Kemi.

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save either Jessica or Kemi from eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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