Kaycee Clark crowned winner of Big Brother Season 20

 Kaycee Clark crowned winner of Big Brother Season 20

Kaycee Clark wins Big Brother on the Big Brother Finale. BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT); and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT), featuring the live eviction show. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Kaycee Clark was crowned the winner of Big Brother 20 on Wednesday night, defeating Tyler Crispen to take home the $500,000 prize.

Wednesday’s season finale picked up with the continuation of Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. JC would fall first after 54 minutes and Kaycee was waiting for Tyler to drop but little did she know he had no plans of doing so, despite their agreement. Kaycee would fall after 56 minutes, giving Tyler the Part 1 win.

JC Monduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark playing the HOH comp – “JETPACK ATTACK”

This left JC and Kaycee to face off against each other in the second part of the competition. Part two saw the pair answer questions from the season’s biggest events while climbing a rock climbing wall in the fastest time. JC finished with a time of 19:34 and Kaycee was a tad faster at 18:55. This meant Kaycee would face Tyler in the final part later in the night.

Before that, it was time for the jury roundtable hosted by Dr. Will Kirby. After a long and tense discussion, it was obvious any of the final three could win.

It was finally time to crown one more HoH for the season. After eight rounds, both were tied with six points and the winner would be decided by a tiebreaker. Kaycee was just 14 seconds off and was the final HoH but would she make the most shocking blindside of all?

Kaycee evicted JC, taking Tyler to the final two. As he exited the house, JC had a quick interview with host Julie Chen Moonves.

“I’m here because I was too loyal to the end,” he said.

Julie then caught up with all the houseguests and revealed Tyler’s secret romance with Angela to the entire cast. As someone who hates not having all the attention, Swaggy C decided to pop the question to Bayleigh despite knowing her for just 23 days.

Chris Williams proposes to Bayleigh Dayton on the Big Brother Finale.

Due to Swaggy’s over the top proposal, Julie rushed right into the final results. It was revealed Kaycee had won Big Brother with a 5-4 vote.

There was one final prize to hand out, America’s Favorite Houseguest and Tyler was picked. He took home an additional $25,000 as well as the $50,000 for being runner-up. This meant he would go home with $75,000.

Tyler Crispen, winner Kaycee Clark, host Julie Chen, and JC Monduix on the Big Brother Finale.

Before signing off for the final time this season, Julie confirmed Celebrity Big Brother returns for season two in the winter and Big Brother will return for a 21st season next summer.

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