These set of people below are set to be your extended family, you’ll know their names, positives and negatives, but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want them around you or your house.

Holly Allen

Age: 31
Hometown: Lander, Wyoming
Current city: Los Angeles
Occupation: Wine Safari Guide

Fun facts

  • Grew up teaching people to fly fish.
  • Can sneeze like Donald Duck.
  • Can ride a horse standing up.
  • Rolled off of a 30 ft. cliff in a pickup truck and survived.
  • Used to go down the Oregon Trail every summer in a covered wagon. With a bonnet on the head.

David Alexander

David Alexander

Age: 29
Hometown: Atlanta
Current city: Atlanta
Occupation: Photographer

Fun facts

  • I can control my tear ducts (cry on command). 
  • I went to school with the mega rap group Migos. 
  • My birthday started a decade (the ’90s), and it is always a celebration (Jan. 1, 1990).
  • I have perfectly aligned teeth even after my wisdom teeth came in.
  • This is very rare, and I am one of 8-10 percent of the population to have perfect teeth with wisdom and no braces.
  • I’ve never owned an automatic vehicle. I have been keeping it old school with manual transmissions. 

Nicole Anthony

Age: 24
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Current city: Long Island, New York
Occupation: Preschool Aide

Fun facts

  • I am a grammar-loving perfectionist who has been known to (in my head, most times) correct others’ grammar when they are speaking. 
  • I love solving puzzles and mysteries. Because of this, I have played all of the Nancy Drew video games! 
  • I was a bit of a terror when I was young (and I guess I still am!): I locked my parents in the basement because they wouldn’t tell me what was in a bag, I called 911 on my parents because I didn’t get my way, and I unscrewed the lug nuts on the upstairs toilet and practically flooded the kitchen, to name a few). 
  • I was platinum blonde for the majority of my college career! It was fabulous! Currently, my hair is red, though it changes often… or, rather, I change it often… because I am not a chameleon. 
  • My grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away on my birthday, so the date/numbers 12/26 mean a great deal to me! 

Tommy Bracco

Age: 28
Hometown: Staten Island, New York
Current city: Staten Island, New York
Occupation: Broadway Dancer 

Fun facts

  • I love to make short films. 
  • I never paid for a haircut in my life. 
  • I am an extremely skilled Catan player. 
  • I rarely get star struck.
  • I still sleep with my baby blanket.

Kathryn Dunn

Age: 29
Hometown: Irving, Texas
Current city: Dallas 
Occupation: Digital Marketing Executive

Fun facts

  • I’ve won a poker tournament (and don’t even know how to play poker). 
  • I’ve been tweeted by Kim Kardashian. 
  • I have my student pilot license and have flown over the Hawaiian islands twice. 
  • I won a dance competition in Bogota, Colombia. 
  • I’ve been scuba diving with sharks… not on purpose. 

Kemi Fakunle

Age: 25
Hometown: Elkridge, Maryland
Current city: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Marketing Strategist 

Fun facts

  • I have a miniature Dalmatian. It’s funny because I get stopped every five seconds to answer the same questions about him but I never get tired of it. My ex would say I love the attention and I can’t argue with that. He bought Billion for me so he’s a little bitter to have spent that much on a dog to become an ex only two weeks later. Cheers to being a woman! 
  • I keep a blog of guys I’ve dated/hooked up with to amuse whoever has access to it. I guess I could call myself a writer since I live in New York now. Most dates are horror stories so why not detail a first date that involved a guy telling me there are only two types of women: pay for play or wifey. 
  • I’m one of those people that if I like you can do no wrong in my eyes. I don’t see anything wrong with it. My friends call it toxic and enabling, I call it seeing the best in people. 

Cliff Hogg III

Age: 53
Hometown: Houston
Current city: Houston
Occupation: Petroleum Engineer

Fun facts

  • I swam with alligators.
  • I can say the alphabet backward.
  • I once won an award for rowing.
  • I’m definitely the jokester in my family.
  • Learned to drive a car at the age of seven! 

Ovi Kabir

Age: 22
Hometown: Oakridge, Tennessee
Current city: Knoxville, Tennessee 
Occupation: College Student

Fun facts

  • I once threw one of the biggest parties at my university and had to call the cops on my own party so I could get everyone to leave. 
  • I made my dog Insta-famous. (really go check him out; @mowglithecorgii) 
  • I can freestyle rap better on any beat. 
  • I have 10 different pairs of crocs in my closet.
  • I drive a 2001 Toyota Minivan named the “White Stallion” and painted an orange checkerboard on the side doors and a Power T on the hood.

Nick Maccarone

Age: 27
Hometown: Sewell, New Jersey
Current city: Sewell, New Jersey
Occupation: Therapist 

Fun facts

  • I have bowled five 300’s in bowling and my dad was a professional bowler on TV. 
  • I caught a foul ball at a Phillies game off the bat of Cliff Lee. 
  • I completed classes in the Scouting Academy in order to become an NFL scout. 
  • My best doubleheader in baseball I went 7-8, two homers, and 8 RBIs. 
  • I was voted most talkative in high school out of 700 other students. 

Jack Matthews

Age: 28
Hometown: Chicago
Current city: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Fitness Trainer 

Fun facts

  • I can snatch 275 lbs. (Olympic weightlifting jargon).
  • I can wiggle my ears.
  • I have pretty large hands for my height.
  • I like to sing. I think I’m good at it when I’m by myself.
  • I can walk on my hands for quite some time.

Jackson Michie

Age: 24
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Current city: Los Angeles
Occupation: Server 

Fun facts

  • From middle school all the way through college, I used to write papers/speeches/etc. for money.
  • I can shotgun a beer in under 2.5 seconds. 
  • I skipped my college graduation ceremony to go to South Beach Miami, Florida for a week with buddies. 
  • My senior year of college on spring break, I put $500 on Black at the Roulette table at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, DR and won three times. In a row. 

Jessica Milagros

Age: 30ish 
Hometown: Chicago
Current city: Oak Park, Illinois
Occupation: Model

Fun facts

  • My first job out of college was driving the Hershey Kissmobile and was a gypsy for a year, traveling across the country. 
  • I just recently ran a half marathon at Walt Disney World. 
  • I have six best friends ’cause I really don’t believe in the ride or die, one bestie mentality. 
  • I don’t grow much underarm hair and I don’t use deodorant because I don’t sweat under my arms (my husband thinks I’m a freak of nature).
  • I’m a big DIY girl and love learning new things, so I’ve learned to do a lot of things myself, including cutting my hair, sewing my own clothes and taking my own photos. 

Christie Murphy

Age: 28
Hometown: Staten Island, New York 
Current city: Keyport, New Jersey
Occupation: Boutique Owner 

Fun facts

  • I take a bubble bath like a six-year-old almost every night! 
  • Anyone I’ve ever dated would say one of their pet peeves about me is that I whistle too much. 
  • I dated men for nine years before discovering I don’t like them anymore, LOL. 
  • I did pageants from ages 8-12 and actually took the New York crown against 200+ girls. 
  • I skeeve dirty feet, so ya better keep those nasty dogs out of my bed!

Sam Smith

Age: 31
Hometown: West Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Current city: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Truck Driver 

Fun facts

  • I’ve been used in a recruiting commercial for one of my driving jobs.
  • I was once interviewed by our local radio station. 
  • I was a model of the week in the Weekender Magazine.

Analyse Talavera

Age: 22
Hometown: Northridge, California 
Current city: Simi Valley, California
Occupation: College Soccer Star

Fun facts

  • I love joking/ pranking/scaring people. 
  • I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee.
  • I like to collect pennies with their heads up because I think its good luck.
  • I am so emotional I cry for literally everything (especially military coming home videos and wedding videos).
  • I only eat my cheeseburgers plain with ketchup.

Isabella Wang

Age: 22
Hometown: Mount Olive, New Jersey
Current city: Los Angeles
Occupation: Public Health Analyst

Fun facts

  • I had a Tiger Mom and she was nuts. My parents never let me hang out with friends.
  • I play tons of instruments, I took Chinese lessons every Saturday for eight years, and I’m fluent but my reading and writing is crap. 
  • I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro… but I didn’t tell my mom because for spring break when I asked her if I could go with my boyfriend she said no… so I went anyway. She still doesn’t know. I told her I went to my best friend’s house and she would call my best friend (Cassie) and Cas would say that I had diarrhea and was sick and could not get to the phone. 
  • When I was in fifth grade my dad took me to China (fly back to the motherland frequently because Chinese) and he left me in the middle of nowhere for two months because he said I was being a brat and that he grew up eating toothpaste during the culture revolution. 
  • I do not like to smoke weed or people who do because I find them lazy and downers and boring. Why would I want to sit around and gorge on food…? 
  • I was really into fitness for about six months and lost 50+ lbs.