Big Brother kicks off Season 21 with 16 new houseguests and one big twist

 Big Brother kicks off Season 21 with 16 new houseguests and one big twist

Big Brother is back and fans can expect a fun three months of twists, turns, and a lot of drama.

The show kicked off its 21st season on CBS with 16 brand new houseguests, which included a plus-sized model, truck driver, and a recent college graduate. The houseguests arrived in two groups of eight to meet host Julie Chen Moonves and enter the house.

The first group of eight to move in were Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, Nicole, Jackson, Ovi, Holly, and Kemi. The second group was Nick, Christie, Sam, Jessica, Analyse, Isabella, David, and Cliff.

Once inside, the cast gets to know each other. We find out that Christie and Tommy do know each other but they don’t want the other houseguests to know. 

Julie comes on the screen and tells the houseguests that a new twist has arrived. It is called Camp BB and there needs to be a camp director, who would be immune from the first eviction. The HGs must vote for a director but you can not vote for yourself. 

The ladies (and Tommy) rally and say they want Jessica to be the camp director. However, Jackson wants to take it on. He tells Nicole that he wants to be in charge and wants to kick off the summer the right way.

It seems to work as Nicole seemed swayed. Isabella and Christie also seem to put their vote to Jackson too. Julie came back to reveal the results, revealing it came down to Jackson and Jessica. She had four votes but Jackson had 10, making him the camp director.

Julie tells Jackson he must banish four houseguests, who will then need to fight their way back into the game. Only three will return with the other being evicted. 

Who will be banished? Who will be evicted? And who will win the Head of Household? Find out when Big Brother’s two-night premiere event continues on Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS. 

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