Isabella Wang evicted as battle for HoH begins

 Isabella Wang evicted as battle for HoH begins

Cliff’s HoH reign officially became a flop on Thursday night as Isabella Wang became the fourth houseguest to be evicted. 

Thursday’s episode was mostly filler, which I won’t get into much. The main thing you need to know is Nick is pissed at Cliff for not going through with his plan to get out one of the Six Shooters, while Cliff says he is looking out for himself.

At the live vote and eviction, Bella does her best to sway her housemates by saying the Six Shooters will pick everyone off one by one. However, it does little to help her as she was evicted on an 8-2 vote.

Following her exit from the house, Bella spoke to host Julie Chen Moonves about her time on the show.

“Jack is a stronger player than me,” she said. I won nothing but now he is going to walk the dogs and go straight into the final two.”

It was time to crown a new Head of Household in the first endurance competition of the season. For this competition, the houseguests had to hang on and be the last one standing on their vine. 

Before the show even ended, both Jessica and Nicole had fallen off. As the show ended Julie revealed a new twist called the “BB Field Trip” that will see America vote on three houseguests, with one possibly getting a chance to change their game.

Who will win the Head of Household and who will be nominated for eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues on Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS. 

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