Jessica and Christie sent packing in Big Brother’s double eviction

 Jessica and Christie sent packing in Big Brother’s double eviction

It took longer than expected but Christie Murphy’s luck finally ran out as she was sent packing in Thursday’s double eviction on Big Brother.

Host Julie Chen Moonves got things started quickly as she informed the houseguests about the night’s double eviction. Things went as expected as Jessica was sent to the jury house on a 3-0 vote.

Following her eviction, Jessica sat down with Julie for an interview and said she was always loyal to Nicole and Christie.

“I had this weird energy-wise click with Christie,” she said. “With Nicole, she was a straight shooter. She gave me a lot of information and some of the things she told me helped me make better decisions in this game.”

It was then time to find a new HOH and this is where things got tense. The houseguests had to complete an ice hockey rink puzzle and make a goal to be the winner. In a surprising turn of events, it would be Nicole to take the win. She went to the ground in tears as she won her first competition.

Nicole then decided to nominate Christie and Tommy for the second eviction. We went straight into the POV competition, which was the “What The Bleep?” question and answer game. After seven questions, Cliff just barely beat Christie to win the veto. 

At the veto meeting, Cliff did not use the veto. As a result, Christie would be evicted on a 3-0 vote. Julie interviewed Christie after she exited the house and said she knew where her game went wrong.

“My downfall was being too blunt,” she said. “I think that I spit things out at the moment and I just say it and go with it. It is very hard to change my mind once I’m set on something.”

Who will win the next Head of Household and who will be nominated? Find out when Big Brother continues on Sunday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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