Kathryn Dunn evicted from Big Brother house, becomes latest juror

 Kathryn Dunn evicted from Big Brother house, becomes latest juror

Digital Marketing Executive Kathryn Dunn became the latest member of the jury after she was evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday night.

Thursday’s show picks up with host Julie Chen Moonves informing viewers the past 24 hours in the house have seen secrets exposed and new alliances form. Viewers see Cliff and Kat shambling for votes and Cliff is approached by Nick about a new six-person alliance. 

Cliff approaches Nicole about this deal but Nicole is not happy that it does not include Jessica. And this is where Nicole screws up, she tells Jessica, who is upset about not being included in anything. An emotional Kat confronts Cliff about it and he says he needed to do what he needs to do to survive. 

Julie talks to the house to get the vote and eviction started. Kat throws Cliff and Nick under the bus but it would not be enough as she was evicted on a 6-2 vote.

Following her exit from the house, Kat spoke to Julie about her time in the house and said she would not have betrayed Jessica or Nicole.

“I would’ve stayed loyal to Jessica and Nicole,” she said. “I knew Jackson wanted me out from the beginning, so I was playing him as much as I could.”

It was then time to get the next Head of Household started and it was the classic BB slip-n-slide challenge. The show would end before we’d get a winner.

Who will be the new Head of Household? Be sure to tune in to Big Brother on Sunday night to find out and who will be nominated. Also, check out our spoilers page for the latest news from the house all weekend long.

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