Ovi gets evicted but gets a second chance as a new twist is revealed

 Ovi gets evicted but gets a second chance as a new twist is revealed

The first live eviction of Big Brother 21 took place on Wednesday but in a shocking twist, no one went home.

Host Julie Chen Moonves revealed a new twist at the start of the show. She revealed that whoever is evicted for the next four weeks will not be leaving the house, instead they will continue to live in the house with their fellow houseguests.

Julie explains the twist is called “Camp Comeback” and will feature the first four evicted houseguests living in an upstairs room and playing only the social game. Meaning, they will not be taking part in any competitions or challenges and will not be voting on eviction night.


It is then time for the first vote of the season as both nominees plea for their safety. In the end, Ovi Kabir was evicted on a 12-0 vote but as he was prepared to leave, Julie revealed the twist. And that’s not all! David returned as well as he will also be a part of “Camp Comeback”.

We then get to Fourth of July themed Head of Household competition, which saw the remaining houseguests answer questions about the “fireworks” display they saw. After seven rounds, Jack is the new HoH!

How will “Camp Comeback” play out and who will Jack nominate for eviction? Find out when Big Brother continues on Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. Be sure to head over to our spoilers page for live updates from the house.

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