A new head of household has been crowned

 A new head of household has been crowned

Big Brother crowned a brand new (ish) Head of Household last night, following a dramatic week which saw Derek X evicted from the house.

We joined the episode during the endurance Head of Household competition that began during the live eviction episode.

Houseguest must stand on small discs which were then hoisted in to the air and began to spin. The last houseguest standing will become the new HoH. To maintain Claire’s anonymity as the secret HoH, she will take part in the challenge but must throw it as she cannot be crowned HoH this week. Julie also revealed that the first 3 houseguests to drop would automatically become have nots for the week.

Tiffany was the final houseguest to drop and became the new Head of Household for a second week in a row.

At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany revealed that she had decided to nominate Alyssa and Xavier for eviction stating that s they were both strong competitors they were best decision that she could make.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday at 8/7c.

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