BB23 kicks off with all new houseguests and a host of twists

 BB23 kicks off with all new houseguests and a host of twists

Big Brother returned to screens last night with a live move in 90 minute premiere which saw host, Julie Chen Moonves, greet a batch of 16 all new houseguests who hope to spend the summer plotting and scheming their way through the Big Brother house.

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Houseguests entered in groups of 4, where they were very quickly guided to the backyard to take part in a comp – the winners of which would be eligible to play to become the first HoH of the season.

Houseguests were tasked with recreating posters displayed using layered images. The first houseguest from each group of 4 to correctly complete the puzzle became Team Captains.

The winning houseguests, in order, were Frenchie, Whitney, Christian and Claire.

Julie went on to explain to the houseguests they would be competing in teams to keep their spot in the BB house. In keeping with the casino theme, each team captain had a shot on the BB slot machine, before choosing from the houseguest shown to be on their team.

The teams were created as follows:

The Jokers

Dereck F

The Aces

Dereck X

The Kings


The Queens


Next it was time for the first HoH comp of the season. With it came the chance for big reward with the winning team captain becoming HoH – guaranteeing their safety as well as the safety of their team. However, the stakes couldn’t have been higher, with the losing team having to slum it as have-nots for the week. The comp, titled “House of Cards”, put the houseguests balance to the test as they worked together to hold the surface steady whilst the team captain built a stack of cards. We’d like to say it was a close contest, however The Jokers very quickly found themselves as winners of the challenge. Meanwhile, The Kings finished last and are therefore have-nots for the week.

However, we all know it wouldn’t be Big Brother without and added twist. Julie quickly threw a spanner in the works, when she offered Team Jokers, 2 weeks of safety if team captain Frenchie could roll the dice without allowing them to drop off the platform. The decision wasn’t risk free however, fail and not only would he and his team not get a 2nd week of safety, they would lose their current week and he would no longer be HoH. The safety and HoH would then be awarded to The Queens who finished 2nd in the earlier competition.

Frenchie chose to play it safe and stick with the one week of safety. A decision, he probably regretted moments later after he successfully completed the challenge for fun, however he and his team still have their first week guaranteed.

Talk then turned to the final twist of the night, as Julie revealed that this years prize fund has been increased to a staggering $750,000!

So who will Frenchie nominate for eviction? Tune in to all new Big Brother, this Sunday July 11th at 8/7c on CBS to find out and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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