Big Brother crowns its first ever black winner

 Big Brother crowns its first ever black winner

CBS’s long running Big Brother crowned its first ever black winner last night during the live premiere episode.

The finale night began with the three remaining houseguests, Xavier, Azah and Big D competing in the final Head of Household competition of the season.

Coming into the episode, Xavier had won the first round, meaning he advanced straight to the third and final part.

That left Azah and Big D to compete against each other in round 2 which consisted of a trivia contest requiring the contestants to input answers on a giant slot machine.

Azah won the round and progressed into the final round alongside Xavier.

For the final part, Xavier and Azah had to identify which statements were false about the seasons evicted houseguests.

Xavier was correct the most times resulting in him becoming the final HoH of the season.

As the final HoH, it was down to Xavier to decide who he wants to sit alongside at final 2.

He ultimately decided to honour is F2 arrangement with Big D and sent Azah packing out the door.

The task then fell on the jury to crown this seasons champ. One at a time, each juror approached the voting box and inserted the key of the person that they wanted to win Big Brother.

By an unanimous vote, XAVIER was crowned winner and became the first ever black winner of Big Brother winning a whopping $750,000 in the process. As runner up, Big D netted $75,000.

Tiffany was then announced as the winner of America’s Favourite Houseguest and netted $50,000.

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