Did Sarah Beth manage to backdoor Derek X?

 Did Sarah Beth manage to backdoor Derek X?

After what has been a week of twists and turns, last night saw the live eviction with one of the seasons strongest competitors tipped to get the boot.

Julie welcomed the audience to the live eviction by saying that this summers theme of “No risk, no reward” had never been more true than for this week.

Derek X’s decision to ultimately not play in the High Roller’s room this week signalled his fate on the chopping block, thanks to Sarah Beth’s plan to backdoor him.

During the PoV competition, Xavier won a punishment of being locked in the Have Not room by himself for 24 hours. The would only be released when Julie calls him down to the lounge for the eviction vote.

Hoping to keep Derek X safe from eviction, Tiffany hopes to flip the vote. She pulls him aside to ask him to seek sympathy votes from Azah and Kyland, while telling him that he would have also secured vortes from herself and Hannah.

Derek X executes the plan, even throwing in a couple of tears for good measure – but will it be enough to convince Azah and Kyland to vote for him to stay?

Unfortunately, the last ditch effort came to no avail and Derek X was evicted by a vote of 5-2 at the eviction ceremony. Hannah and Kyland were the only two houseguests who decided to vote for him.

For the Head of Household competition, houseguests had to answer a series of true or false questions from clips that they had memorized during the week.

Tiffany was the last houseguest standing and became this weeks new Head of Household!

Even though Tiffany is HoH, there is still one game in play at the High Roller’s room – the coin of Destiny which could turn the game on it’s head!

Who will Tiffany nominate and will the Coin of Destiny be played? Find out Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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