Frenchie’s chaotic HoH comes to a close as the first houseguest is evicted

 Frenchie’s chaotic HoH comes to a close as the first houseguest is evicted

Big Brother 23 has seen the first eviction of the season in Frenchie’s chaotic week as Head of Household.

The eviction episode began with Alyssa and Christian going to see Frenchie to state that they are categorically not a showmance – as this was supposedly the reason for nominating Alyssa for eviction this week.

Following this conversation, Frenchie moved his attention to both Travis and Derek X as he though he overheard them talking about him. After Derek X won Veto however then had no choice but to put up Travis, despite telling him on day 1 that he would be safe from the block.

At the eviction ceremony, both Alyssa and Travis plead their case to stay in the game. Alyssa gave a very basic speech and Travis took his top off..

During the eviction vote, Travis was evicted by a vote of 11-2.

It was then time for the next HoH competition of the season, and this time it played out live!

The competition, “Pool Sharks” required the players to sink a ball into the mouth of a big shark. The houseguest to score from the highest marked value on the floor would become the new Head of Household and secure safety for themselves and their team.

Kyland ultimately wins with a score of 24! His fellow Queens team members Claire and Tiffany are therefore also safe from eviction this week.

Who will Kyland nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

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