Houseguests compete for the Power of Veto

 Houseguests compete for the Power of Veto

On last night’s Big Brother the house compete for the Power of Veto – but did it save Derek F or Claire from the chopping block?

This weeks’ target for Kyland is Claire after she told him that she wanted to have his alliance members evicted from the house.

The players picked for the Veto competition this week are Alyssa, Azah and Britini – they will compete alongside nominees Claire & Derek F as well as the HoH, Kyland.

This weeks competition is a classic OTEV game. OTEV will give the players clues and they must then slide down into the yard and bring OTEV the correct answer.

The last player to return their clue from each round will be eliminated.

Alyssa was the final houseguest standing and therefore won the golden power of veto.

Before the veto meeting, Sarah Beth tells Britini that she will be heading onto the block. Britini runs into the house to look for Kyland to see if it is true – talking in code he doesn’t really confirm a lot.

The episode ultimately ends without the Veto meeting being shown.

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