Houseguests go back to the 80s for this weeks Power of Veto

 Houseguests go back to the 80s for this weeks Power of Veto

Last night’s episode of Big Brother picked up from the moment this weeks Head of Household, Derek X nominated Sarah Beth and Britini for eviction.

Derek’s real target however is Christian – he chose to keep him off the block during the nominations ceremony however as he didn’t want to give Christian the immediate option of competing in the Veto competition and trying to save himself from eviction.

For this weeks Veto comp, the backyard is turned into an 80’s gym. The players myst hop from one piece of equipment to the next, with the player with the least amount of reps being eliminated. Once elimated, they get to choose one of six prizes – with one being the Veto.

As each person is eliminated, they can either steal a prize from one of the previously eliminated players or keep their prize for themselves.

Claire is eliminated first and her prize is the Power of Veto, with Sarah Beth losing round 2. Sarah Beth’s prize is $5000 which she decided to keep knowing that somebody else would steal the Veto.

Britini ultimately becomes victorious following her quest for victory after stealing the Veto from Derek X.

In an effort to save himself from the block, Christian talks to Derek X prior to the Veto meeting to make various threats to stop Derek from nominating him. Christian recommends that Big D goes up as replacement.

The episode ended at that point and we await to find out the result of the Veto meeting which will be revealed during tonight’s live eviction at 8/7c on CBS.

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