The first nominations of the season are made – has Frenchie already blown his game?

 The first nominations of the season are made – has Frenchie already blown his game?

Last night’s episode of Big Brother picked up right after Frenchie won the first Head of Household competition of the season – by winning the competition he guaranteed both himself and his fellow team mates safety for the week.

As the houseguests started to get to know one and other, Sarah Beth decided to tell everyone that she is a professional voice actor rather than a chemist.

Frenchie declared that his early targets in the game were “meatheads” Travis, Brent, Xavier & Christian as he has a dislike of men who are too physical. It’s worth noting that he had already promised safety to both Xavier and Travis during the first competition.

Later in the HoH room, Frenchie told Azah, Hannah and Claire that he has two other plans this week which are not to nominate any women and to go after any potential showmances that develop in the house.

Following a heart to heart with Brent about Brent’s fathers suicide however Frenchie had a change of heart to his self proclaimed “meathead” opinion of him which therefore took him off his radar for nominations.

Big Brother then announced the new Wild Card Competition! Each week, three eligible teams would select one player from the team to participate in the competition to earn themselves safety for the week. After some deliberation, the teams picked Christian, Hannah & Kyland to take part.

For the competition, the three players had to search a trashed hotel suite in order to find their phone, keys and wallet – however they had to do it with as little noise as possible or they’d be given points as a penalty. If it took the player longer than 5 minutes to complete the challenge they would incur an additional point penalty.

At the end of the competition, Christian had a noise total of 125 and finished in 3.41, so had a total of 125 points. Hannah finished with a noice score of 114, however her final time was 6.03 making her final total 414. Kyland finished with 135 points and a time of 6.16 earning him a whopping 686 points.

As a result, Christian had the least points and was the won safety for the week, however it came with a twist. As winner, he had to spin a wheel to determine how many of his teammates would be safe. He spun a 1 and decided to pick Xavier for safety.

With Christian now safe from eviction, Frenchie no longer had his “meathead” nominations plan.

At the nomination ceremony the girls of the house sat down thinking they were safe from eviction following their earlier conversation with Frenchie in the HoH room.

Initially it appeared that he was sticking to his word by nominating Kyland first, however he then went on to nominate Alyssa second and told the house it was all about using the “perfect bait” to catch his “big fish”.

Tune in Wednesday at 8/7c to see how the Power of Veto competition plays out!

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