The Kings are in charge as Xavier makes his nominations

 The Kings are in charge as Xavier makes his nominations

The latest Head of Household, Xavier Prather made his nominations last night after his victory in the latest HoH competition of the season.

Xavier’s ultimate goal this week is to not have a chaotic week like Frenchie did, knowing that the Wildcard competition could have an impact on his week.

A brand new alliance has been formed this week with the creation of ‘The Royal Flush’ which consists entirely of the Kings & Queens (plus Derek X), meanwhile Derek F and Azah should also be safe this week by default as members of The Cookout.

Before the nominations ceremony, Xavier pulled Brent to one side to discuss his plan of putting him on the block as a pawn. Brent told Xavier that it would feel like a betrayal to go up as a pawn and that he would definitely go home if he did. Brent is actually Xavier’s true target this week.

At the nomination ceremony, Xavier nominated Britini and Brent for eviction. He told Britini that if she had the chance to nominate somebody then she would’ve nominated him – so he got in there before she had chance to nominate him.

Brent declared “game on” against Xavier’s decision to nominate him.

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