Who won HoH and secured their place in the final 3?

 Who won HoH and secured their place in the final 3?

Following on from this weeks DOUBLE EVICTION which saw Cookout members Tiffany and Hannah join the jury, it’s time to crown a new Head of Household!

Friday night’s special showing picked up right where the eviction episode left off, with both Azah and Derek shocked that they’ve made the final 4.

For this weeks Head of Household competition, the players will play one at a time – they must find clues in order to find the missing HoH key. As outgoing HoH from the double eviction, Azah was not eligible to compete. The player who found the key the fastest became the new Head of Household.

Xavier found the key the fastest in a time of 10:18, followed by Kyland in 14:52 and Derek in 15:44. As the new HoH, Xavier has secured his place in the final 3.

At the nominations ceremony, Xavier nominated Azah and Kyland for eviction – Azah at this point has come to the realisation that sticking with the men of the house was the wrong decision!

This week, as there are only 4 houseguests remaining the winner of the Veto competition will become the houseguest with the sole vote to evict.

Will will win the Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday on CBS.


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