Another houseguest headed to jury after an emotional week in the BB house

 Another houseguest headed to jury after an emotional week in the BB house

The Big Brother house has lost another member as Kyle was sent packing to join Indy, Joseph and Jasmine at the jury house.

It comes after an emotional week in the house, after the house called a meeting to confront Kyle about proposals he made to Michael and Brittany earlier in the game to form an “all white” alliance.

At the aforementioned house meeting, Kyle broke down and apologised for his ignorance, stating that he understood how his actions could be seen, despite his best intentions.

At the nomination ceremony, Michael chose to use the veto to save Brittany. Outgoing HoH Turner, then named Kyle as the replacement nominee.

With little to be done in the way of campaigning, it was straight on to the live vote and eviction which ultimately saw Kyle evicted by a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Next up, host Julie Chen-Moonves spoke to the house, to inform them that Zingbot would be arriving shortly. She then kicked off the next HoH competition which took the form of a Zingbot shaped puzzle that houseguest had to complete. Whoever successfully completes the puzzle and pressed their buzzer first will become the new HoH.

So who will win and who will they choose to nominate for eviction? And in true BB style, in the closing moments of the show, Julie revealed that next week will be a double eviction with not 1 but 2 houseguests being sent packing to jury!

Tune in to CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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