Big Brother returns with a brand new cast

 Big Brother returns with a brand new cast

The daddy of reality TV is back just in time for a summer filled with backdoors and backstabbing. The much loved global sensation, now in it’s 24th season, returned last night on CBS as host, Julie Chen-Moonves, welcomed a batch of 16 brand new houseguests.

First in to the Big Brother house were country girl Jasmine from Georgia, ex-mormon Kyle, interior designer Paloma and personal fitness coach Monte.

No sooner had they entered the house, the game was underway. They were greeted by a station where they had to grab their tickets to BB Fest. Heading into the backyard, Julie revealed that they would have to take it in turns to scan their ticket and find out which of 3 festival hotspots they would be competing in. All 4 were sent to the portal potties.

Returning to the studio, Julie introduced the next bunch of houseguest; lifelong BB fan Alyssa, vegas musician Daniel, former Miss Michigan USA Taylor and criminal defence attorney Michael were next to claim their BB fest tickets.

In the backyard, they each scanned their tickets to find out where they were headed with Michael, Alyssa and Daniel off to the merch stand whilst Taylor made her way to the piercing tent.

The next group to be introduced by Julie were private chef Nicole, artist and thrift store owner Matthew, lawyer and personal trainer Joseph and hypnotherapist Brittany. Upon heading inside they grabbed their BB fest tickets and headed to the back yard to scan them and find out where they’d be competing. Brittany, Matthew and Joseph were all sent off to the piercing tent whilst Joseph joined the others at the portal potties.

Back in the study, Julie introduced our final four houseguests; bus operator Terrance, BB addict Indy, heartthrob Joseph and home worker Ameerah. They enter, grab their tickets and head for the backyard where Terrance is sent to the piercing tent, Indy to the merch stand and Ameerah also headed to the merch stand. Joseph draws the Backstage Boss pass meaning he won’t compete in the first HoH competition as he heads upstairs and takes a seat.

We then cross back to the backyard where the first challenge began. “Potty Talk” saw competing housemates identify which word; “one” “two” or “three” was used the most times by a “crowd” gathered outside the portal potties. First person to answer incorrectly was eliminated. All houseguest answered correctly, therefore Paloma who was last to and we was swiftly gunged and then eliminated. Jasmine was out next, followed by Nicole, leaving Monte and Kyle to battle it out in the final round. Monte won, advancing to the final stage of the comp.

Next up was “Piercing Panic” where houseguests stationed at the piercing tent, had to attach 10 pieces of jewlerry to their face, following provided instructions. The first to do so successfully, advanced to the final stage of the comp. Turned correctly placed all his piercings and buzzed in first.

Moving on to the last round, houseguests stationed at the merch stand took part in “Hanging Tough” which saw houseguests grab hold of a t-shirt above them and hang on for dear life. The winner was the last one to fall. Daniel won, advancing to face off against Monte and Turner in the first HoH comp of the season.

Called “Drumming for Power” each houseguest had to race to unpack their road case and assemble their drum set puzzle. The first person to complete the puzzle an ring the buzzer would be crowned the first HoH of the season. Daniel blew his opponents out of the water and is named the first HoH of the summer.

However, in true BB style, the night wouldn’t be complete without a twist. Julie revealed that Backstage Boss Pooch was to be given the power to send 3 houseguests backstage. Like him, they too would be unable to compete in the PoV, however unlike him – they were still at risk of eviction. Trying to avoid painting a big target on his back, Pooch went with the 3 houseguests who lost in the first competition; Alyssa, Paloma and Brittany. Despite being safe from nomination, Julie couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t be headed home.

Meanwhile, Julie revealed that the public could vote for any of the 3 named by Pooch, with the person receiving the most votes being awarded safety from the first live eviction of the season.

And with that BB24 has begun. Who will win be nominated, who will win the PoV and how will the latest twist effect the eviction? Tune into CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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