Did the Veto save either Michael or Brittany from the chopping block?

 Did the Veto save either Michael or Brittany from the chopping block?

BIG BROTHER Wednesday, July, 27 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network and live streaming on Paramount+. Pictured: Big Brother Cast. Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Highest quality screengrab available.

Big Brother continued on CBS last night, with the houseguests competing in the Power of Veto competition.

The way in which players were selected to play in the competition this week is different due to the ‘Festie Bestie’ twist.

Turner said that he and his bestie Jasmine would play, as well as nominated besties Michael and Brittany – one other set of randomly chosen besties were then chosen by random draw, with Nicole & Taylor picked to compete.

At the ‘Woodstack’ veto competition, teamwork was key with each pair having to build a puzzle from the ground, partly suspended in the air. In order to win, communication is key.

Before the competition starts however, Jasmine showed signs of fainting whilst harnessed to the pulley system. After being assessed by a medic, she was given the all clear to compete. Jasmine decided against competing however due to her fear of heights and her anxiety over competing. As a result, both Jasmine and Turner had to sit out the competition.

Veto king Michael hailed supreme once more and managed to get a strong lead and ultimately win his third straight veto of the season.

Will the veto be used and who will be evicted? Find out Thursday on CBS.

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