2 more houseguests head to jury following double eviction

 2 more houseguests head to jury following double eviction

Last night, it was double eviction week on Big Brother. With the ever hectic double eviction episode about to commence, it was almost straight down to business with the first live vote and eviction of the evening.

With America and Blue sitting on the block, it was a 4-0 unanimous vote that sent Blue packing to the jury house.

Speaking to host, Julie Chen-Moonves, following her eviction, Blue told Julie that mere moments before the live show began, she was told that she was the target and that ultimately she considered it might be the case because she was the original target last week. Blue also said that, had she stayed in the house, she was going to start targeting Jag and that he would have been in danger for the double eviction.

Next up, it was time to find a new HoH. All houseguests, except for outgoing HoH Jag, competed in “Triple Feature,” a seven round multiple choice quiz about a range of BB-themed movie posters. In round one, everyone got the answer wrong. In round two, everyone except Felicia got the answer correct. In round three, only Cirie got the answer correct. In round four, only Cirie and Bowie got the answer correct. In round five, only Matt and Felicia got the answer correct. In round six, only Matt and Bowie got the answer correct. The next round was a three-way tie between Cirie, Matt and Bowie. In round seven, everyone except Cirie got it correct. Finally, Matt and Bowie went to a tiebreaker where Matt guessed over so Bowie became the new HoH.

At the live Nomination Ceremony, Bowie nominated Felicia and America for eviction.

With only 6 houseguests remaining, everyone took part in the PoV comp. For this comp, houseguests had to search for four pieces of candy hidden in ball pits in order to be the first to fill a plastic tube. Matt was the first to successfully drop a piece of his candy in his tube. Felicia got one in as well and then Matt got his second while other houseguests kept missing the tube. Matt got his third and then Felicia got her second. Before anyone else could pocket a candy, Matt got his fourth and final candy into his tube, winning his second comp of the season.

At the live PoV ceremony, Matt chose not to use the power of veto.

It was then time for the 2nd eviction of the evening. By a unanimous vote of 3-0, America became the second houseguest to make her way to jury this evening.

Speaking following her eviction, America revealed that she knew she had no chance of staying because Matt and Jag are a formidable pair that are most likely hoping to go to the final four with Cirie and Felicia. America added that she felt “everyone is letting” Matt and Jag win like she has “seen it over and over again” in past seasons and that it made her “so mad.”

We’re edging ever close to the live final, where one houseguest will walk away with $750,000.

Who will win the next HoH and who will they nominate for eviction? Tune into Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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