Another houseguest evicted and the HoH is up for grabs

 Another houseguest evicted and the HoH is up for grabs

Another week, another eviction as the houseguests bid farewell to Hisam as HoH Felecia followed through and executed her backdoor plan.

Despite his best efforts, Hisam was powerless to stop his eviction becoming the 3rd evictee of the season by a unanimous 11-0 vote.

Speaking to host Julie Chen-Moonves following his exit, asked how he felt about the houseguest comparing his HoH reign to a dictatorship, Hisam said:

There’s pressure being the Head of Household and trying to make decisions and trying to navigate the game. I was also trying to navigate how all seven of us could make it to the end. Part of that was trying to strategize how we all make it. Sometimes you’re just blinded by what you think is best. Outside this I’m a doctor and I make really tough decisions all the time. I try to give as much feedback as possible, but in the end a decision has to be made. I had no fear about making decisions.

He continued;

Part of it was, I was trying to listen to what people had to say and I was also trying to make decisions about what was morally important to me. It led to me being a little bit blinded.

Next Julie reavled that there’s an America’s Vote beginning to give The BB  Power of Invincibility to one player. The top four vote getters will earn the chance to compete for the power to save one of the evicted houseguests in one of the next two evictions, including themselves.

And with that, it was time to crown a new HoH. This weeks comp was a BB classic with a multi-verse twist; The pressure cooker. Julie explained that the winner would be the last person pressing their button; no kneeling, no sitting, no bathroom breaks, and no leaving the box until at least three players have been eliminated. As the houseguests are eliminated they must each take the next card 1-10 in order and they each contain something good or something bad. The twist? As the competition began, the lights cut and Julie revealed they’d be competing in the dark… for now at least!

Who will win the HoH and who will they nominate for eviction? Tune into CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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