Another housguest headed to jury and new HoH crowned

 Another housguest headed to jury and new HoH crowned

Last night saw another houseguest fall at the final hurdle, narrowly missing on on a place in the shows final.

Following the PoV, Cirie and Felecia remained on the block.

With numbers dwindling, only 2 houseguests voted in this weeks eviction, with both Jag and Bowie Jane opting to send survivor legend, Cirie, to the jury house.

There was no time to waste, as the search for a new HoH began.

The new HoH was decided by a Q&A booth styled comp featuring a comic book of BB host, Julie Chen Moonves. Houseguests were shown two pages at a time from Julie’s “Chenbot” comic and then had to answer A/B questions about what they just saw.

Jag and Bowie Jane took early leads, swapping places several times and leaving surviving nominee Felecia, trailing.

After 7 questions, there was a tie between Bowie Jane and Jag and so it came down to a tie breaker to decide who would be the new HoH.

Bowie Jane won the tie, crowning her as the new HoH and securing her spot in the final three.

Who will she nominate for eviction in Sunday’s special eviction? Tune into Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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