Another one bites the dust! Another houseguest sent packing in live eviction

 Another one bites the dust! Another houseguest sent packing in live eviction

Cameron’s reign of power as this weeks Head of Household came to a conclusion last night, with either Izzy or Felicia evicted from the house.

After winning last week’s HOH competition, Cameron planted seeds of chaos in the house by nominating Izzy and Felicia — two of this season’s three puppet masters — for eviction.

Ahead of the vote, Julie gave both Felicia and Izzy one last chance to plead their case to stay to their fellow houseguests.

Felicia asked everyone to consider being a leader instead of a follower. Izzy passionately told the house that she’s been fighting for others in the house and is a protective player who could fight for them if given the chance.

The houseguests then entered the Diary Room to cast their votes:-

  • America voted for Izzy
  • Cory voted for Izzy
  • Matt voted for Izzy
  • Cirie voted for Felicia
  • Jared voted for Izzy
  • Bowie voted for Izzy
  • Blue voted for Izzy
  • Jag voted for Izzy
  • Mecole voted for Izzy

By a vote of 8-1, Izzy became the latest houseguest to be evicted from the house.

In her exit interview with Julie, Izzy said that the plan changed last night when Cory flipped on them. She said her biggest mistake in the game was thinking that she was close with Cory and that he could be trusted. She said that he “said all the right things” that made her and her allies trust him despite them feeling skeptical about him for weeks. When Julie asked Izzy about Cirie and Jared’s secret, Izzy said that “having people in the house that you trust is invaluable” and she doesn’t regret not telling anyone about it because it brought her closer to Cirie.

The episode ended with the new Head of Household competition in play with the iconic wall comp – the houseguest who stands on the wall for the longest will become the new HoH!

Find out who wins Sunday on CBS.

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