Another one bites the dust! Was Cameron or Reilly evicted?

 Another one bites the dust! Was Cameron or Reilly evicted?

Big Brother 25 saw another houseguest evicted last night, but was it Cameron or Reilly who found themselves walking out the door?

The Handful alliance saw a victory in their sights knowing that they only needed one more vote in order to save Reilly. Little did they know that The Professors alliance was concerned that Hisam’s speech was too aggressive and could begin a rally cry to save Reilly this week. 

During a champagne toast in Hisam’s HOH room, The Professors met to discuss that the other side of the house would be scrambling to save Reilly. Hisam wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this and to stress that no one should build a new alliance with any of them.

When Hisam raised the idea of who to go for after Reilly, he asked for opinions from the others but then cut both Bowie and Mecole off to give his own answer to his own question. It put everyone off because it was clear to them that Hisam only cared about his point of view and wasn’t interested in a collaborative approach to their alliance. When Hisam started talking about Jared as a target, Cirie got worried.

During the live eviction, Cameron and Reilly both used their time to shout out family members and thank everyone in the house for the time they’ve shared in the house instead of making any promises that might sway some votes in their direction.

The houseguests began the process by casting their votes to evict: Red for Reilly, Bowie for Reilly, Jag for Reilly, Cory for Reilly, Matt for Reilly, Blue for Reilly, Cirie for Reilly, Felicia for Reilly, America for Reilly, Mecole for Reilly, Izzy for Reilly, and Jared for Reilly, making it another unanimous decision by a count of 12 to 0.

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