B2B HOH nominates houseguests for eviction

 B2B HOH nominates houseguests for eviction

You’d be given for having a spot of deja vu this week. Due to the “secret” HoH twist last week, Jag was allowed to compete in this weeks HoH comp.

For this weeks comp, the Scary-verse set up private dental x-ray rooms for the houseguests to match dental records with skulls to be found outside in the larger dental dungeon. The first player to correctly identify five records would become the new HOH. In first check attempts, Felicia had all five incorrect, Cirie had four incorrect, Jag had three incorrect, and America had all five incorrect.

After some chaotic switching from Blue, and almost correct guesses from Felecia and Cirie, Jag made a last minute switch that gave his all five correct answers, bagging him the HoH for a second week running.

At the nomination ceremony, Jag chose to put America and Blue on the block, naming America publicly as the target after she previously threatened to come after him if she won HoH.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save America or Blue from eviction? Tune in to Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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