Backdoor plan takes shape as houseguests compete for PoV

 Backdoor plan takes shape as houseguests compete for PoV

Following the nominations earlier this week, Jag and Cameron are still sat firmly on the block, but not for long if HoH Felecia gets her way. She has her sights set on a bigger target in the form of Hisam.

Izzy, Red and Cory were chose to compete in the PoV competition. In this competition, houseguest had to race back and forward across a chicken coop, through sludge, carrying one of 12 eggs back with them on each trip. The first houseguest to successfully transfer all of there eggs would win the PoV and the chance to set the backdoor plan in motion and a lovely chicken costume to go with it.

Jag won the Power of Veto. At the veto ceremony, Jag used the PoV to save himself and he was swiftly replaced by Felecia’s true target, Hisam. Given that Hisam thought of Felecia as on of his closest allies, he was understandably shocked.

Will the house go through with the plan and evict Hisam? Tune in to CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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