Did the Power of Veto save either Cory or America?

 Did the Power of Veto save either Cory or America?

Big Brother continued on CBS last night, with the latest Power of Veto competition of the season.

As we head into the episode, current HoH Jared had just nominated lovebirds Cory and America for eviction. The pair found themselves in the precarious situation after turning the tables on Jared and Cirie last week by going after Izzy instead of Felicia.

When it came to player selection for the Veto Competition, Jared selected Bowie’s chip, Cory picked out Houseguest Choice and named Jag, and America drew Cameron’s chip. Cameron being selected was bad news for everyone in the house except Cameron.

For the Veto Competition, the players had to collect water in football helmets and fill their receptacle quicker than everyone else, but instead of doing it all at once, each of them competed individually with the fastest time winning.

By the end, the top three finishers were: Jared in third at 6:00, Cameron in second at 5:22, and Jag in the winning spot at 4:43.

At the Veto Ceremony, Jag used the veto to remove Cory from the block. With a spot open, Jared had the opportunity to complete his plan and name Cameron as the replacement nominee. Jag explained in the DR that he left America on the block because she has a way better chance of staying than Cory would.

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