HoH named and 2 houseguests spared from eviction

 HoH named and 2 houseguests spared from eviction

Following on from the action packed season premier, the episode picked up where the premier lefts off with houseguests entering from the backyard to discover that they have been joined by Survivor legend and winner of The Traitors, Cirie Fields as the 17th houseguest for the summer.

Instantly Izzy recognises Jared as Cirie’s son and confronts him with the information. He confirms it is true and asks her not to tell anyone. She promises to keep his secret, but already Izzy has some information at her disposal and in this house, information is power.

As Jared, Kirsten, Cory and Felecia finished last in their respective challenges on opening night, they are currently on the block. It was soon time for the remaining houseguests to battle it out for the first HoH of the season.

The competition saw houseguests racing across a balance beam to lock in their time, whoever was quickest would become the first HoH of the season. As the nominees have already been decided, it was announced that the HoH would have the power to remove 2 HG from the block.

The results for the comp were as follows:

Blue: 1:36.04
Cameron: 53.11
Red: 50.56
Blue: Timed out
Hisam: 22.49
Bowie: Timed out
Reilly: 16.03

Everyone else timed out and so with the fastest time of 16.03, Reilly becomes the first HoH of BB25.

At the nomination ceremony, HoH Reilly chose to removed Jared and Cory from the block, leaving Kirsten and Felecia to battle it out head to head for survival.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Kirsten or Felecia from eviction? Tune into CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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