Houseguests battle it out for the Power of Veto

 Houseguests battle it out for the Power of Veto

Once again, the PoV was up for grabs last night following current HoH, Matt, nominating Cirie and Felecia to sit on the block.

For the Veto Competition the five remaining houseguests were taken to a Scary-verse abandoned summer camp where they had to compete to build an antenna by taking discs through a swamp in order to stack 25 of them on the floating base in the fastest possible time.

Jag was able to traverse the swamp quickest on the first pass, but the houseguests soon realised that their swimming had to be smooth to avoid causing waves in the water to tip their antenna. With only two discs stacked, Cirie was the first to knock over her antenna, followed by Matt who toppled his stack of four. Felicia had her first tumble nearing eight discs at the same time that Jag had reached 14 and Bowie had 11. Using new strategies, Felicia got to 15 and Bowie got to 19, but it was comp beast Jag that managed to finish his antenna first, doing so without ever dropping a single disc.

At the veto ceremony, Jag decided not to use the power of veto, leaving Cirie and Felecia on the block facing eviction. Who will make it to the final four? Tune in to Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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