Houseguests disappear into the nether region for HoH Competition

 Houseguests disappear into the nether region for HoH Competition

Big Brother continued on CBS last night, with the houseguests competing in the second Head of Household competition of the season.

At the end of the latest eviction episode which saw Kirsten become the first houseguest evicted, it was revealed that all houseguests had mysteriously vanished from the house, leaving both the audience and Julie to wonder where they were!

When Sunday’s episode began it was revealed that houseguests had in fact ended up in the Nether Region as part of this weeks Scary-verse Head of Household competition, which would leave one houseguest “left behind.”

For the competition, there was a spooky game of hide and seek as a mysterious figure was attacking the different areas of the neighbourhood. The houseguests were given clues for where they should hide.

With only a limited amount of spaces available, those who hid in the wrong spot or didn’t have a spot would be eliminated from the competition.

In the first round, Blue, Mecole and Cameron were all eliminated and send back to the house. They were followed by Jagg, America, Matt, Izzy and Cirie.

In there 3rd round there were only 6 houseguests remaining in the game – Cory, Felicia, Red and Bowie were all eliminated which left Jared and Hisam to go head to head in the final round.

Jared picked his door first, but unfortunately for him picked the incorrect door and ended up being trapped in the Nether Region. By doing this, he left the correct door for Hisam which gave him a portal straight into the HoH room, meaning he had won the competition and became the new HoH!

At the nomination ceremony, Hisam nominated Cameron and Reilly for eviction, saying that he is playing a “straight forward game of loyaly and purpose.”

Who will win the Power of Veto and will they use it to save either Reilly or Cameron from the block? Find out Wednesday on CBS.

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