Houseguests play for double vetoes

 Houseguests play for double vetoes

Houseguests this week were competing for not one, but two Power of Vetoes as part of the latest multiverse twist.

Previously, “invisible” HoH Jag, nominated Blue and Felecia for eviction. As part of the twist, it was revealed there would be 2 competitions, with all houseguests competing. The winner of each competition would win a veto, which as usual can be used to save one of the houseguests currently on the block.

The first comp is another BB classic endurance comp where houseguests have to stand on a spinning disc attached to a lenth of rope. The houseguest who lasts longest would win the first veto.

Felicia dropped first after 3 minutes has past. Bowie was next after 7 minutes. Cirie, dropped at the 11 minute mark and Cory dropped just three minutes later. Matt dropped after 16 minutes, America after 22 minutes leaving Jag an Blue to battle it out. After 2 hours and 6 minutes, Blue fell meaning Jag won the first Power of Veto.

America drops at 22 minutes. So it’s between Jag and Blue. And after two hours and 6 minutes, Blue falls. Jag owns the first Power of Veto. 

In the second competition, all houseguest has to do was guess correctly how long Jag would be able to hang on to another rope. Whoever guesses correctly or is the closest to it, would win.

Jag dropped after just 110 seconds.

Here’s what each of the houseguests guessed.

Bowie guessed 482 seconds.

Felicia’s guessed 600 seconds.

Matt guessed 150.

America guessed 75 seconds.

Cirie guessed 600.

Blue guessed 105.

Cory’s guessed 135.

Blue therefore wo the Power of Veto .

Felicia and Cirie received punishments for being the furthest away with thier guesses. Felicia ends up with solitary confinement whilst Cirie gets a clothing change punishment. She has to go into a phone booth and change clothes every time they call for her. 

With 2 vetoes in play, its anyone’s guess what might happen at this weeks veto ceremony. Tune in to find out if Jag or Blue will use their veto and who, if anyone, will be saved from the block.

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