Humili-verse in full swing as housguests battle it out for the Power of Veto

 Humili-verse in full swing as housguests battle it out for the Power of Veto

Following Izzy and Felecia’s nomination, by reigning HoH Cameron, it was time once again for the houseguests to battle it out for the Power of Veto.

Cameron, Izzy and Felecia were joined by Matt, Jared and Jag in competing for the PoV.

This week’s competition came in the form of a promo for CBS show, Buddy Games. In the backyard, Josh Duhamel, the shows host, was there to oversee proceedings. The comp took place in rounds, with each competing houseguest being spun in a chair before then rolling balls into slots to score points, with the lowest scorer being eliminated each round. The eliminated houseguest then got either a prize or a punishment, with subsequent eliminated houseguests being able to choose to either swap with an already eliminated houseguest or keep their awarded prizes/punishments.

The comp played out as follows:

Round 1

Felicia – 70
Jared – 30
Cameron – 65
Izzy – 15
Matt – 142
Jag – 102.

With 15 points, Izzy was eliminated and was given the PoV but of course, we all know she wouldn’t hold on to it for long.

Round 2

Jared – 184
Cameron – 26
Matt – 122
Jag – 91
Felicia – 27

Cameron was eliminated and given a Pig Costume punishment which he swapped for the PoV.

Round 3

Matt – 63
Jag – 17
Jared – 150
Felicia – 47

As Jag scored the lowest, he should have been eliminated, however nominee Felicia got overheated and had to drop out of the competition. She received a European vacation, which she traded to Cameron for the veto.

Round 4

Jag – 76
Jared – 74
Matt – 116

With a score of 74, Jared was eliminated and he received a kayak punishment which he swiftly traded for the veto.

Final Round

Matt – 139
Jag – 96

Jag is eliminated and receives $5,000 which he chose to keep. Matt picked his prize and it was a Josh Duhamel prize (which turned out to be a punishment). He decided to keep it meaning Jared won the Power of Veto.

It wasn’t long before the penny dropped and Matt realised he wouldn’t get to hang out with Josh Duhamel this week. Instead he has to be attached to a cardboard cutout of him all week.

At the veto ceremony, Jared chose not to win the Power of Veto. That means either Felecia or Izzy is headed home this week. Who goes? Tune in to Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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