Tiny veto returns as houseguests battle it out for the PoV

 Tiny veto returns as houseguests battle it out for the PoV

Houseguests once again battled it out in the race to secure the Power of Veto. This week saw the return of an iconic BB comp, the tiny veto. Houseguests, having been supersized, had to stack 36 tiny barrels of toxic sludge in a pyramid using only tweezers to do so.

Joining HoH Jared and nominees, Cameron and Red, Felecia and America were chosen to compete in this weeks comp.

Ahead of the competition, some extra drama in the form of paranoia from Jared regarding America. He thinks she is going to throw the comp on purpose and tells Cory that if he suspects she threw the Veto then he’ll use her as the replacement nominee. The two then argued in the HoH room before Cory swiftly went to America and told her she has to play hard, incredibly hard to the point that she’s almost over playing to win.

On to the competition, where the houseguests battled it out but ultimately, nominee Cameron was first to successfully stack the miniature barrels and won the Power of Veto.

At the veto ceremony, Cameron used the power of veto to save himself. Jared chose to nominate Jag as the replacement nominee. He was told he is a pawn, but it would appear that he is the real target again this week.

Who will be evicted? Tune into Big Brother on CBS and stick with Big Blagger for the latest!

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