Was Felicia, Jag or Matt evicted from the Big Brother house?

 Was Felicia, Jag or Matt evicted from the Big Brother house?

It was eviction night on Big Brother last night, but which houseguest was sent to jury?

With just 4 players left in the game, HoH Bowie was put in a precarious position by having to nominate one of her closest allies in the game.

To decide her nominees, the three of them decided to pick a number from 1-100 and the closest would be safe. In the game, Matt said 77 and Jag said 73 and then Bowie said her number was 70, but unbeknownst to Matt, that was planned before the game even started. A few minutes prior, Jag and Bowie devised the plan to play that game of luck and have her say a number that is closer to Jag so that Matt would always be the unlucky person to be nominated between the two of them.

At the nomination ceremony, Bowie nominated Felicia & Matt.

At the live veto meeting, Jag had the sole vote to evict either Matt or Felicia after winning yet another Veto competition.

In their last plea to remain in the game, Matt said nice things about all three of the other players and appealed to Jag by saying how proud of him he is and Felicia said that the four of them still in the game are the ones that played the best game with trust and truth and so she’s honored to be among them. Jag told the nominees that he knows it’s an important decision, but wanting to stay “true to who he is” he decided to vote to evict Felicia.

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